Dr. Yuemei Ye

YuemeiYuemei completed her Ph. D in the chemistry department in Tongji University in China (2017). During her Ph.D. study, she was focused on the functional polymetric hydrogel synthesis and their applications. Then she worked on functional porous materials design for selective adsorption and desorption of toxic pollutants in water during her postdoctoral research in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the School of freshwater center. Her research projects were supported by the A.O. Smith Corporation. and SSI Corporation. Currently, Yuemei is a UW Postdoctoral Fellow, she has background on both material science and water treatment research, she is focusing on developing useful and green materials or methods for drinking water and wastewater treatment. She desires to become a professional female scientist, working on environmental applications. In her spare time, Yuemei loves walking outside, enjoy the sunshine, reading books, cooking Chinese food, swimming and exploring the city.