November 2021

Our activated biochar made from used coffee grounds and featured in Jess S.’s paper is a now a patent-protected product! Congratulations, Jess!

October 2021

Managed to catch a break in the rain to do some kayaking on Lake Union!

September 2021

Got together in person and indoors for some safe group fun! We had a blast testing our skills at rock climbing!

August 2021

Fanny Okaikue-Woodi and Jess Steigerwald presented their research during the Fall 2021 American Chemical Society Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Great job!!

August 2021

As a 2020 C&EN Talented 12 honoree, Dr. Ray was interviewed for the Thermo Fisher Scientific “Bringing Chemistry to Life” podcast. Check out the episode below!

July 2021

Dr. Ray was featured in the NOVA PBS episode about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (i.e., “forever chemicals”).

June 2021

The third book in our anti-racism book club series! We just finished reading this book during the summer. We learned a lot about how progressive liberalism and color-blind racism are supported by each other and reinforced through policies and legislation.

March 2021

Dr. Ray was featured in a University of Washington Black History Month Instagram post.

June 2021

Dr. Ray was awarded the University of Washington Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 2021 Faculty Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award.

June 2021

Congratulations, Nikki! Today Nikki successfully defended her Masters thesis! The title of Nikki’s thesis is: “Viability of spent coffee grounds biochar as a filtration media to remove organic contaminants from urban stormwater in the Puget Sound”. Way to go!

April 2021

A masked and distanced hang in the beautiful Arboretum Park close to campus. Plus another mini Spikeball tournament!

March 2021

Jess S. and Nikki receive the 2021 University of Washington CoMotion Innovation Fund for our water treatment product which converts used coffee grounds into a porous, high surface area adsorbent! We are now in the process of filing a patent for this technology!

March 2021

The second book in our anti-racism book club series. This book was a great way for us to contextualize the interconnectedness of racism, urban pollution and environmental injustice.

January 2021

Nikki built lab-scale columns to begin examining the ability of the activated, spent coffee grounds to remove organic contaminants in urban stormwater.

December 2020

We finished our first anti-racism book club book! Ijeoma Oluo is a Seattle-based author. We learned a lot by reading this book. It was a great entry to our future discussions about structural racism and environmental justice.

October 2020

Dr. Ray was interviewed for a Harvard University Pint-Sized Science podcast.

August 2020

Congratulations to Professor Ray! Ray is a 2020 honoree in the Chemical & Engineering News Class of 2020 Talented 12. The Talented 12 honor is given to nominated assistant professors across all areas of chemistry and chemical technology disciplines. Ray was dubbed the “Water Protector” for her group’s work designing novel, engineered materials to treat contaminants in water, and will be featured at the 2020 C&EN Futures Festival along with the other 11 honorees this year.

July 2020

Professor Ray is awarded the 2020 Rogel Faculty Support Award! The award honors an outstanding junior faculty member in the College of Engineering, the School of Medicine or the College of Forestry. Congratulations!

April 2020

The AIMS group hosted a virtual game night during the pandemic quarantine. Can you guess what the “event” was for this group picture?

April 2020

Nikki Redden and Prof. Ray join a collaborative and multi-disciplinary student-led team to engage with the piloting of the San Juan Basin Green Stormwater Infrastructure Regional Treatment Facility connected to the new Health Sciences Education Building. The team is awarded a $92,568 UW Campus Sustainability Fund to support this work. Nikki will apply a new biochar developed in the AIMS Lab to remove contaminants in urban stormwater infiltrating the new bioswale on campus.

February 2020

Prof. Ray and a group of students enrolled in CEWA 549: Physical Chemical Treatment Processes took a field trip to the Green River Water Treatment Plant. The tour was led by Celine Mina, a UW Civil & Environmental Engineering alumna!

November 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Cherukumilli! At a University of Washington CoMotion Connect event, Katya won 1st prize for best poster and pitch!

November 2019

Yuemei hosted a potluck dinner at her home. We ate delicious Chinese food!

October 2019

I hosted a group potluck at my home. We were also celebrating Katya’s birthday!

September 2019

Katya and Max have finished testing their filter columns in the lab this summer. The exciting findings are being written up in a paper that we hope to submit soon!

bauxite and activated alumina columns that Katya and Max built to treat groundwater

August 2019

Daaniya and Max present their research posters at the Summer Undergraduate Research Program successfully concluding their summer research working with Dr. Cherukumilli. Great job, Max and Daaniya!

August 2019

Another beautiful day on campus! Here’s the view from Red Square.

July 2019

The AIMS Lab takes a break from research to have some summer fun at Golden Gardens!

Spikeball tournament

July 2019

Dr. Ray was awarded the University of Washington Royalty Research Fund which was supported by the Washington Research Fund!

June 2019

The lab is really busy this summer! In addition to Max and Daaniya, undergraduate volunteer Kaylie Dennehy has joined the lab this summer to conduct research with Yuemei

May 2019

We are very happy to be working with Daaniya Iyaz and Max Steiner this summer! Max and Daaniya received the CoMotion Mary Gates Innovation Scholars Internship to work with Dr. Katya Cherukumilli and Global Water Labs to optimize methods to treat metals in groundwater and wastewater.

April 2019

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)!! Jessica will receive 3 years of funding to support her PhD. Awesome job, Jessica!

March 2019

Dr. Cherukumilli presents her team’s proposed “Groundwater Quality Map App” as part of the 2019 WaterHackWeek. Katya managed a team of participants to design an map to map groundwater contaminant profiles in California using large data sets from the USGS. Great job, Katya!

March 2019

Next door, Dr. Cherukumilli has begun building column filters to examine bauxite ore fluoride remediation in groundwater.

February 2019

The lab has been stocked and it’s ready for research!